Prenatal Coaching For Expectant Parents

Are you expecting a baby? Would you like to feel deeply connected to your baby before they arrive?

Creating a strong bond with your baby before they are born sets the stage for a healthy long-term relationship with your child.

And you can begin this relationship right now.

You can learn concrete tools and practices to build and enhance your connection to your little one, increasing communication and understanding between you.

Not only have I been there myself, but I’ve helped hundreds of families and their little ones navigate their way to greater health, connection, and ease.

My passion is helping expectant and new parents to both have an easier transition to parenthood and provide their babies with a gentler landing into the family.

With a background steeped in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (PhD), as well as Counseling (MA) and Education (MA), I’m able to bring an unusual depth of experience and understanding to my coaching work with families.

Every family situation is unique. Find out if my grounded, gentle approach to helping you and your baby feel more deeply connected prenatally is right for you. Reach out for a brief consultation today at 303-519-1046 or

All coaching is sold in packages starting at $705 for three 50-minute virtual sessions. Coaching is not psychotherapy and is not billable through health insurance.

Offers Only For First-Time Coaching Clients

$100 Off a 3-session Coaching Package

(good for three months from purchase)

– OR –

$150 Off a 6-session Coaching Package

(good for six months from purchase)