Preparing for Parenthood: The 6-Week Interactive Experience For Parents

Preparing for Parenthood:
The 6-Week Interactive Experience for Expectant Parents

Are you expecting a baby? Do you want to strengthen your relationship with your partner and feel aligned, confident, and joyful as a couple in the transition to becoming a parent?

While bringing a baby into your family can be a truly wonderful and welcome experience, research also shows that the majority of couples experience a sudden and significant drop in relationship satisfaction following the birth of a child. From differing expectations to sleep deprivation to a complete overhaul in the way you live your lives, becoming a family is a tremendous rite of passage.

But while the potent lived experience of becoming a parent will likely have some bumps for everyone, there is still much you can do to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Parenthood can sometimes feel like a secret club. Ask most people about the experience of becoming a parent and you will likely hear that it is some combination of amazing and humbling. And new parents understandably often feel overwhelmed with the many questions they have.


Preparing for Parenthood:
The 6-Week Interactive Experience for Expectant Parents

It’s like having your own early-admittance, exclusive pass into the secret parenthood club.

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In this course you will:

• Learn the biggest concerns couples face when becoming new parents and how to discuss these with your partner.

• Find your unique strengths as a couple and address any challenges as you embark on this journey.

 Develop greater confidence so you can feel connected, aligned, and joyful as well as relaxed and prepared.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete the three stages of the Preparing for Parenthood Process in only six weeks, so you will feel more connected and aligned with your partner when you enter parenthood and more confident, competent, and joyful in navigating challenges together.

In the Preparing for Parenthood course, you will:

  1. Grow more aligned and clear on your journey from couple to parents in only six weeks so you can enter parenthood feeling more relaxed, confident, and joyful.
  2. Gain weekly support from other expectant parents as well as from an expert coach specializing in this work and experienced parent, so you can clarify your strengths and challenges and receive guidance with your pressing questions or concerns.
  3. Build on this support through a private Facebook group, so you can create community, and connect with others who are also going through this momentous rite of passage.
  4. Engage in weekly group coaching calls and fun activities so you can keep your momentum going to mission accomplished.
  5. Receive deeper private coaching support (or private couple’s coaching support) from Dr. Dueger so you can have more personal questions or concerns regarding your personal or couple foundation or parenthood answered.

Preparing for Parenthood: The 6-Week Interactive Experience for Expectant Parents is not your average “online course.” 

It’s a way to build community, get important questions answered, create a deeper connection to your partner, have fun, and end up feeling more aligned, confident, and joyful as you enter parenthood!

In our six weeks together, we’ll keep your momentum going as you complete the three stages of the Preparing for Parenthood Process.

The Three Stages of the Course

Stage One: The Couple Foundation (Build Your Storm-Proof Nest)

We’ll spend two weeks strengthening the couple relationship foundation right now in preparation for parenthood so you can gain clarity around strengths and challenges and develop skills and strategies. 

Here We'll Explore:

Communication • Intimacy • Finances • Roles • Self-Care

Stage Two: The Growth Journey (Nurture the Eggs)

We’ll spend the next two weeks illuminating values and examining practicalities for pregnancy, birth, and early childhood so you’ll feel more prepared for the next steps. 

Here we’ll dive into:

Values (Religion/Spirituality, Education) • Health Care • Discipline
• Your History • Pregnancy • Birth

Stage Three: The New Family (Care for Your Fledglings)

In the last two weeks we’ll get ready for the early postpartum days, and we’ll revisit critical communication and intimacy strategies.

Here we’ll look at:

Revisiting Communication & Intimacy • Postpartum • Sleep 
• Feeding and Diapering • Gratitude and Visioning 

And as an additional bonus, available only to graduates of the
Preparing for Parenthood 6-Week Interactive Experience

You’ll also have exclusive access to:

• Six, one-hour, live, online group coaching sessions, so you can have questions and concerns addressed.
•  One private, 30-minute personal coaching session (or couple’s coaching session) with Dr. Dueger, so you can have support for more personal questions or concerns.
•  A private Facebook group, so you can build community, interact, and engage with other expectant parents.
• Videos, momentum-building activities, and interactive worksheets only found inside the interactive course, so you can enrich your learning experience.

This is the last time this course will be offered at this hugely discounted price, and the last time it will be offered this year! Don’t miss out on these amazing bonuses!

1. A free copy of Preparing for Parenthood: 55 Essential Conversations for Couples Becoming Families (2020) by Stephanie Dueger, PhD (in the form of an Amazon gift card to purchase the book).
2. A free PDF from chiropractor Dr. Jay Warren entitled, “9 Myths About Becoming a Dad.”
3. A free excerpt from Dr. Annie Brook’s book, From Conception to Crawling about 12 Tips for New Parents.
4. A free organic cotton bib for your little one upon signing up.

You’ll also be able to access a one-time discounted private individual or couple’s coaching package offer with Dr. Dueger, valid for three months (and three 50-minute sessions) or six months (and six 50-minute sessions) following the end date of the course, so you can dive more deeply into any important questions and concerns, some of which might become clear only after your baby is born. (This alone is more than $30-$60 in coaching savings).

The next course begins soon! Don’t miss out!

Can’t make the course dates? Or want a more personalized course and coaching experience?
Private 6-week course and coaching experience with Dr. Dueger is now available.
Please reach out to Dr. Dueger at
or (303) 519 -1046 for more information

Curious to meet Dr. Dueger and learn more? Please reach out to Dr. Dueger for a brief consultation at or (303) 519 -1046

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Learn with a Specialist

For those who travel this road, parenthood may well be the most significant journey you’ll ever experience. Join a guide who understands that parenting is simultaneously heart-opening and heart-wrenching, humbling and humorous, joyful and overwhelming.

Dr. Dueger has worked with hundreds of expectant and new parents and their little ones as a therapist, coach, and educator for more than a decade, helping them ease through the often-bumpy transition between pregnancy and parenthood. 

With a background steeped in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (PhD), as well as Counseling (MA) and Education (MA), she brings an unusual depth of experience and understanding to her educational and coaching work with families. Grounded, gentle, and humorous, Dr. Dueger is a relatable guide who has helped hundreds of families navigate their way to greater health, connection, and ease.

Dr. Dueger has been featured on the pregnancy- and parenting-based podcasts: Pure Nurture; Healthy Births, Happy Babies; and Mindful Birth, Peaceful Earth; and was the Editor-in-Chief of the academic Journal of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health for the past three years.

Former participants in Dr. Dueger’s courses have said:

“I feel like all parents might be better equipped to be parents if they had this kind of forum.”

“I wish every pregnant mom or couple could have this kind of weekly discussion. It was so reassuring sometimes, to know we weren’t the only ones.”

“Some of our conversations rocked my world in a way that really shifted how I was thinking about parenting.”

“I wish we could keep going with this course. I really do. It’s been a comfort every week. Because nobody really talks about how to build a family.”

“Dr. Stephanie Dueger is a warm, kind, brilliant, and compassionate person, who has devoted her life to helping create healthy relationships between humans. Stephanie has more hours of study, research, and practice in this area than most professionals I know. While extremely talented and competent, Stephanie is equally humble and approachable. One cannot help but to feel her care and understanding. If you are ready to take the next steps on your journey, I highly recommend Stephanie to be your guide.”
photo of katie asmus
Katie Asmus | MA, LPC, BMP
Psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, professor, and trainer
“Dr. Stephanie Dueger has done her own ‘inner work,’ as a human being and a mother. She is well qualified to help people of all ages to thrive, bond, and care for themselves, their families, and others. … Her thoughtful book, Preparing for Parenthood, is an invaluable resource for expectant parents and will help build a strong foundation for babies and their families.”
photo of annie brook
Annie Brook, Ph.D., founder of The Brook Institute
Author of Birth’s Hidden Legacy, and The Developing Infant
Preparing for Parenthood is exactly the type of communication guide the new parents I work with need! Becoming a family is difficult, and the couple’s relationship often suffers. When using this book, much of the relationship stress could be alleviated in the postpartum period, and the whole family would be happier. I think this book should be required reading for all new parents.”
photo of dr jay
Dr. Jay Warren
Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractor, Podcaster
Preparing for Parenthood is an honest, down-to-earth manual for anyone thinking of having a child. Reading this book is like talking with a good friend or therapist who knows the territory because she has lived it and thought deeply about it. I am really happy that a book like this is finally available.”
photo of thomas verny
Dr. Thomas Verny
author of international bestseller, The Secret Life of the Unborn Child (with John Kelly) and founder of the Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH)

Frequently Asked Questions

A private course and coaching package is offered if you are unable to join the group course or would rather have the option for a more personalized experience. The price difference reflects the individualized experience and coaching you will receive. Please reach out to Dr. Dueger at or (303) 519 – 1046 for a brief consultation and more information about this private option.

However, because of the interactive nature of the group course at this time, where the coaching is delivered live online, there are specific, set dates for the group course. Please see below for the next upcoming course dates.

The short answer is yes, you could! Completing the book with your partner can be enough for some couples. However, many people decide they’d like more support in the form of having a community of other expectant parents going through a similar experience, or the guidance of a professional and parent who is well-versed in working with expectant and new parents through this huge transition.

It can also be helpful to have some accountability and momentum on this journey. I don’t know about you, but I sheepishly admit it hasn’t been too infrequent that I’ve purchased a book, read a bit, then put it down and forgotten about it. Because let’s be real. Life can be busy sometimes.

This experience is different and designed to keep you more engaged on the journey – from the weekly coaching to the group interactions to the playful gamification-like points you earn along the way!

Yes, this is another option! You can find my coaching packages on this link:

Keep in mind, however, that private coaching, due to its individualized nature, is more expensive than the group coaching and single 30-minute private individual or couple’s coaching session included in the interactive course experience.

And, if you graduate from the course and would like more private coaching, there is an option to purchase a package at a deeply-discounted rate that is good for the following 3-6 months after the course ends.

Not to worry. You can still post your questions to be answered in the private Facebook group and I will do my best to answer them during the recorded session. You may then access the recordings at your convenience.

Only you can ultimately decide what is best (or “worth it”) for you. However, keep in mind two things.

First, you are making a small investment into arguably the most significant experience you will ever have – being a parent and building a family together

Second, in only six short weeks, you will feel more connected and aligned with your partner when you enter parenthood and more confident, competent, and joyful in navigating challenges together. Compare this to potentially struggling in these areas when you don’t need to.

Yes, there is a limited money-back guarantee for the group course. My goal is for you to feel satisfied with your experience and purchase.

If you are not satisfied with the interactive group course experience after the first two weeks of the course, I will refund your money (less a $25 processing and handling fee). If you do not cancel in writing prior to the end of the second week, there will not be a refund issued.

My hope is that you both enjoy the process and feel more prepared for parenthood.

*Please note that for the private course and coaching experience, the cost of the course and each used (or late-cancelled) private coaching session will be assessed and any refund will be prorated on this assessment.

The next course begins soon! Don’t miss out!

Can’t make the course dates? Or want a more personalized course and coaching experience?
Private 6-week course and coaching experience with Dr. Dueger is now available.
Please reach out to Dr. Dueger at or (303) 519 -1046 for a brief consultation and more information about this private option.