Preparing For Parenthood:
6-Week (Self-Paced) Interactive Experience for Expectant Parents!

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Preparing for Parenthood:
The 6-Week Interactive Experience for Expectant Parents

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Are you expecting a baby?
Bringing a baby into your family can be a truly joyful and amazing experience.

It can also be incredibly challenging for new parents.

In fact, research shows:

1. the majority of couples experience a sudden and significant drop in relationship satisfaction following the birth of a child, and

2. most new birth parents experience some level of loneliness and isolation in this huge transition.

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Tired Mother Suffering from experiencing postnatal depression.Health care single mom motherhood stressful.
A baby’s arrival usually brings with it a complete overhaul of our lives.
Our roles change. 
Our new parent job description multiplies.
We are often not sleeping, or not sleeping well. 
Our full focus goes to our new baby.
Our friends might not understand.
Our partners might not understand.

Many new stressors are introduced into our lives during this tremendous rite of passage, which at times can feel totally overwhelming.
I get it. I’ve been there – both as a new mama and as a partner with my husband!
In this top photo, I was in early labor with our first daughter. 
I’d had a pretty easy pregnancy and my husband and I had felt really connected during those nine months. We were happy and awaiting our daughter’s birth with anticipation. 
Our daughter was a couple of weeks beyond her due date, it was really hot, and I was now ready for her arrival. 

While I had some natural concerns about giving birth, I honestly wasn’t too worried about anything beyond that.
I had worked with children and families for most of my adult life, I’d read nearly every book on pregnancy and birth available, my husband and I had taken the birth classes, and we deeply loved each other. 
We truly felt like the luckiest humans on the planet when our daughter finally arrived.
photo of stephanie when she was pregnant holding her belly
photo of stephanie's husband resting his head on her belly smiling
And then…
those feelings of bliss were quite quickly coupled with complete overwhelm for both of us. 
Even though we were mature and so excited to be parents, my husband and I were humbled by how difficult this transition to parenthood was for us.
Lack of sleep made us irritable, leading to arguments.
Nursing our daughter wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped it would be.
Our roles changed and we both needed to step up when we felt totally depleted.
Our relationship took a backseat to the every day business of learning to be a new parent.
I felt alone a lot of the time and needed more support.
My husband felt a little left out of the love bubble happening between my daughter and me.
As much as we loved this little human and were so grateful to be a family, we also felt like we had suddenly landed in a different universe where things weren’t as simple as they used to be.
Middle eastern young couple sitting on couch after a fight. Sad indian woman sitting with hand on head after quarrel with boyfriend at home. Angry couple ignoring each other, relationship troubles.
And then we realized we weren’t alone in our overwhelm as new parents.
Nearly every friend and new-parent client I spoke with felt similarly. 
Many people described the experience of new parenthood as a “secret club” where you don’t know what to expect until you’re already admitted.

Others said with a sense of defeat, “There is nothing you can do to prepare for parenthood.”
But respectfully, I disagree that there is nothing you can do to prepare for parenthood.
I believe that while the potent lived experience of becoming a parent will likely have some bumps for everyone, there is still so much you can do to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically.

And I believe we owe it to ourselves and our little ones to do as much as we can to make this transition to parenthood filled with more joy, connection, and confidence, and with less stress, isolation, and overwhelm.
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Preparing for Parenthood is like having your own early-admittance, exclusive pass into the secret parenthood club.


It’s a way to create a deeper connection to your partner, have fun, and end up feeling more aligned, confident, and joyful as you enter parenthood, in only 6 weeks!

cover for the book preparing for parenthood
In all of my reading during pregnancy, I hadn’t found what I later felt was missing once our baby arrived. 

So, I took what I learned from our experience and the experiences of others – about what I wished I’d known and the conversations I wished we’d had before becoming parents – and turned it into a book. I wanted to reach as many people as possible in an effort to help support them on their own journeys.

This book is inclusive and meant for you and your partner. It helps you clarify this journey you are taking and decide as a couple what choices you will make. Because everyone’s journey is different.

And now, you can experience this journey with greater support and engagement in a self-paced, 6-week, online, interactive experience!

Imagine feeling:
~ deeply connected to your partner, joyful, and aligned as a couple as you enter parenthood

~ more relaxed and confident in your ability to handle all the ups and downs of being a parent

~ clear that you have discussed some of the most critical topics that are likely to arise when your baby arrives

~ like you have a foundational plan to navigate some of the more challenging aspects of early parenthood you may be faced with

~ completely on the same team as your partner when the stressors of parenthood pop up
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photo of a woman kissing her husbands head as he kisses the head of their baby

In Preparing for Parenthood: The 6-Week (Self-Paced) Interactive Experience for Expectant Parents, You Will:
~ Learn the biggest concerns couples face when becoming new parents and how to discuss these with your partner.

~ Find your unique strengths as an expectant parent and as a couple and address any challenges as you embark on the parenthood journey.

~ Develop greater confidence as parents so you can feel more connected, relaxed, aligned, and joyful as you enter parenthood together.

~ Enjoy an interactive online experience full of videos, downloadables, and gamification experiences that will help you keep your momentum going to “mission accomplished,” so you can complete the Preparing for Parenthood process before your baby arrives!

Complete The Three Stages of 
The Preparing for Parenthood Process Together:

Stage One: The Couple Foundation
(Build Your Storm-Proof Nest)

Explore: Communication • Intimacy • Finances
• Roles • Self-Care

Stage Two: The Growth Journey
(Nurture the Eggs)

Dive into: Values (Religion/Spirituality,                  Education)  • Health Care • Discipline
• Your History  • Pregnancy • Birth

Stage Three: The New Family
(Care for Your Fledglings)

Revisit Communication & Intimacy, and look at       
 • Postpartum • Sleep • Feeding and Diapering 
 • Gratitude and Visioning 

cover for the book preparing for parenthood
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For only $19.99 (USD), you’ll receive:

• More than 2 hours of videos, momentum-building activities, and interactive worksheets developed into an interactive course, so you can enrich your learning experience as you move through the three stages of the Preparing for Parenthood Process.

And for only our graduates of the course, a special bonus of:

• a one-time discounted private individual or couple’s coaching package offer with Dr. Dueger, valid for three months (and three 50-minute sessions) or six months (and six 50-minute sessions) following your completion of the course, so you can dive more deeply into any important questions and concerns, some of which might become clear only after your baby is born.

Here’s What Former Participants in Dr. Dueger’s Courses Have Said:

“I feel like all parents might be better equipped to be parents if they had this kind of forum.”

“I wish every pregnant person or couple could have this kind of weekly discussion. It was so reassuring sometimes, to know we weren’t the only ones.”

“Some of our conversations rocked my world in a way that really shifted how I was thinking about parenting.”

“I wish we could keep going with this course. I really do. It’s been a comfort every week. Because nobody really talks about how to build a family.”

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Learn with A Specialist

For those who travel this road, parenthood may well be the most significant journey you’ll ever experience. Join a guide who understands that parenting is simultaneously heart-opening and heart-wrenching, humbling and humorous, joyful and overwhelming.

Dr. Dueger has worked with hundreds of expectant and new parents and their little ones as a psychotherapist, coach, and educator for more than a decade, helping them ease through the often-bumpy transition between pregnancy and parenthood.

photo of dr. stephanie dueger with her husband and two daughters

With a background steeped in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (PhD), as well as Counseling (MA) and Education (MA), she brings an unusual depth of experience and understanding to her educational and coaching work with families. Grounded, gentle, and humorous, Dr. Dueger is a relatable guide who has helped hundreds of families navigate their way to greater health, connection, and ease.

Dr. Dueger is an international speaker and published author, has been featured on the pregnancy- and parenting-based podcasts: Dr. Paul’s Family Talk; Pure Nurture; Healthy Births, Happy Babies; and Mindful Birth, Peaceful Earth; and was the Editor-in-Chief of the academic Journal of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health from 2019-2022.

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Can we take the interactive course whenever we want to and complete it at our own pace?

You sure can! While the course is designed to be completed over the span of about 6 weeks, you may complete it more quickly or more leisurely than that. I do encourage you to complete the course prior to your baby’s arrival, however.

Could we just read the book together?

The short answer is yes, you could! Completing the book with your partner can be enough for some couples.

However, I don’t know about you, but sometimes I will buy a book and lose steam in reading it before I’ve finished it. I’ll put it down and forget about it. Because let’s be real. Life can be busy sometimes.

This interactive course is designed to keep you engaged and your momentum going until the very end. Because there are videos and fun gamification elements, the course can make the difference between feeling more prepared for parenthood and feeling like a book is collecting dust on your bedside table.

What if we just complete the book and want some individual or couple’s coaching with you?

Yes, this is another option! You can find my coaching packages on this link:

However, if you graduate from the course (meaning you purchase the course and don’t ask for a refund), and you would like private coaching, there is an option to purchase a package at a deeply-discounted rate that is good for the following 3-6 months after you complete your package purchase.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee on the course?

Yes, there is a limited money-back guarantee for the self-paced course. My goal is for you to feel satisfied with your experience and purchase.

If you are not satisfied with the interactive course experience after the first four weeks of owning it, I will refund your money (less a $5 processing and handling fee). If you do not cancel in writing prior to the end of the fourth week after your purchase, there will not be a refund issued.

My hope is that you both enjoy the process and feel more prepared for parenthood.

Don’t Miss Out on the Fun!

Join me for only $19.99 (USD) in
Preparing for Parenthood: the 6-Week (Self-Paced) Interactive Experience for Expectant Parents online today!

You’ll develop a deeper connection to your partner, have fun, and end up feeling more aligned, confident, and joyful as you enter parenthood, in only 6 weeks!